Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Maggie Hickman, Cinematographer, Photographer and Director

At the heart of JWH is its managing member, Maggie Hickman. Having worked with JWH since its creation in 2012, Maggie has managed the corporate affairs of the business together with performing production duties, including but not limited to cinematography, editing, and website and graphic design. Serving as a casting researcher for the Toronto-based reality television production company, Cineflix Media, Inc., Maggie handled initial intake with potential cast families for the popular HGTV television series THE PROPERTY BROTHERS and others. 


Jonathan Hickman, Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Writer & Journalist

The other half of JWH is Jonathan W. Hickman, an attorney, novelist, and filmmaker. As an attorney, Jonathan has handled the production and distribution legal needs for many feature films. As a filmmaker, Jonathan has served as editor, director, and director of photography on narrative and documentary feature projects, including the popular award-winning feature THREE DAYS AT FOSTER. As a college professor, Jonathan teaches media law and media production finance at the University of North Georgia. His first novel, THE TASTER, is available in bookstores and online.


Photo Credit:  dimnikolov


Jonathan W. Hickman, P.C., offers a wide-range of entertainment law services, including but not limited to creation of the business organization through which a project is made, drafting all deal memos and other contracts necessary to properly memorialize the legal details of a project, as well as assisting in the deliverables for film distribution. To retain Jonathan's legal services, visit