Media Management - Transcoding into key-worded files and folders (collections) together with multi-camera syncing (sound and video) and backing up media so that it is safe and ready to edit.

Assembly Editing - Creating first cut assembly edits of feature motion pictures.

Polish Editing - JWH can look at an existing assembly edit and help you make narrative and technical decisions to enhance your film and make it more marketable.  This process will involve re-editing of existing assembly edits to create a final picture ready for color correction and sound sweetening.

Color Correction - Taking footage thought to be unusable and saving it or working with already beautiful footage and crafting a particular "look" that coincides with the narrative.  This will involve colorist services including film emulation treatment of video files and noise reduction.

Sound Sweetening - Collecting sound on set can be a nightmare.  If what was recorded is not acceptable, automated dialogue replacement (ADR) services may be required.  Filters can be applied to audio such as noise reduction, normalization (application of limiters), and scrubbing of sound.

Sound Mix - When you score your film, it will need to be mixed with the dialogue and a final sound mix created for exporting.

Exporting of final motion picture - Creation of various compressions including but not limited to Blu-ray disc and DVD, internet compressions for various video streaming platforms, and eventual creation of digital cinema package (DCP).

Trailer and clip creation for promotion of film - From the completed motion picture, creation of trailers and various clips for promotional purposes.